Connecting nodes to a environment

Let us connect to development environment

First let see what happened when asking for a cert with a options ”- – environment development”

Did not receive a cert. That is find but we know now that it can ask with the options.

Lets try to sign it this time.

Going over to the puppet master and ” puppet cert –list | grep test.kirk.local” for pointing out the test server only.

And then sign it

Then provision it with ”puppet agent -t – -noop – -environment development”

In the folder /etc/puppet/environments/development/manifests/site.pp have add a small manifest for this testing purpose.

node ‘test.kirk.local’ {

package { ‘ntp’:

ensure => present,



This will install ntp as shown above. So it works. Just have to clarify the environment in the puppet agent statement.

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